Who We Are

DWE Systems is an Australian-owned Company that sells and supports a wide range of engineered products, engineering software and process equipment for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

With a focus on providing exceptional after-sales and support services and unswerving support from our overseas Partners we are able to offer a complete end-to-end solution for almost any industrial application.

Principles of Our Work

  • Leading products and technologies.
  • Experienced and highly skilled staff.
  • Industry knowledge and experience.
  • Providing an enjoyable and challenging work environment.
  • Customer-focused and solutions dedicated.


General Management
Forging and casting experience
Materials handling and engineering experience
Quality assurance and control


David Eldridge

Founder, general manager

David is an experienced general manager with over 35 years experience in the manufacturing industry and most recently with over 10 years experience working with metrology and testing products.


tel. 1300 363 409

Brian Worsfold

Sales engineer

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tel. 1300 363 409


ZS Industries


Components Engine

Dolphin CAD/CAM

Western Technologies

Worldwide Laser

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